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Ready Start Network


All children birth to age five in Jefferson Parish have access to quality early childhood experiences that will prepare them to succeed.


The Jefferson Parish Ready Start Network creates a culture of high quality, comprehensive early childhood services through engagement and partnerships with families, educators, and community members.

Thought Partners

  • Ms. Donna Austin
  • Dr. Cade Brumley
  • Ms. Charmaine Caccioppi
  • Dr. Jenna Chiasson
  • Mr. Alvin David
  • Ms. Kaye Eichler
  • Dr. James Gray
  • Ms. Ileana Ledet
  • Mr. Tony Ligi
  • Mr. Chad Nugent
  • Ms. Paula Polito
  • Ms. Monique Rouege
  • Dr. Diane Roussel
  • Ms. Erin Thompson
  • Ms. Chloe Wiley
  • Ms. Vanessa Zimmerman
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