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Why is quality important?

For generations, kindergarten was considered the beginning of a child's learning. Recent research shows that the time from birth through age 5 is essential. New scientific research confirms that what happens to children's brains in their earliest years shapes the adults they become and the success they achieve. From birth to 5 years, children develop language, thinking, physical, and social skills that they will utilize throughout their lives. Therefore, the quality of a child's early care and education experiences can predict their success in school and life.

Children who experience high quality early care and education:

  • Are more likely to graduate from high school
  • Have higher standardized test scores
  • Are less likely to repeat a grade
  • Are less likely to need special education services
  • Perform better academically and socially
  • Will have higher wages as adults
  • Are less likely to be arrested for a violent crime
  • Are less likely to be a teen parent
  • Are more likely to attend college

A quality early childhood experience can be life changing. Choosing quality for your child is important.