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Special Education Programs


The JPPSS Early Childhood Special Programs serve 3-5 year olds who meet the eligibility requirements that are identified through an evaluation conducted or reviewed by Child Search, a multi-disciplinary evaluation team. A child is eligible if his/her disability meets criteria for an exceptionality specified in the Louisiana Department of Education Pupil Appraisal Handbook.

Program Options

It is the policy of Jefferson Parish Public School System, JPPSS, to serve students' needs in their Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) as expected by best practices and mandated by federal law. Four year old special education students may be enrolled in Pre-K 4 in one of two types of classes: 1) Pre-K 4 special education categorical setting or 2) Pre-K 4 general education setting with an overlay of special education services delivered within this setting. Placement in either setting is an IEP team decision. Even if you receive notice that your child may attend a specific school or is placed through the lottery at a specific school, placement could change dependent upon the IEP team decision.

Preschool Early Intervention Program

In the Preschool Early Intervention (P.E.I.) Program for three year olds with special needs, students will be instructed and supported in their natural setting (home, Head Start, private childcare, etc.) and/or in a developmentally appropriate preschool early intervention group at an assigned district school. Services in the early intervention groups will be provided through an integrated multidisciplinary team approach. Students will participate in multisensory activities to build communication and functioning in areas of daily living such as participating in music and movement, guided play, art activities, development of math and literacy readiness skills, and understanding basic concepts.

An early intervention teacher will work with students at private settings chosen by the parents that are located within Jefferson Parish. Students in these settings are voluntarily enrolled by their parents and all expenses are incurred by the parents. The early intervention teacher works directly with students in their home or preschool setting and provides modeling for caregivers. The teacher also collaborates and consults with the care-givers and/or staff in the preschool and/or home settings in making adaptations, designing learning strategies, and making modifications to the learning environment to address the special needs of a student.

Parents will be offered opportunities for parent participation throughout the year. We encourage parents to take advantage of home/school/community connections.

Classroom Placement
(4 and 5 year old students)
The Jefferson Parish Public School System provides classroom placement and services to identified pre-kindergarten/kindergarten students with a variety of exceptionalities ranging from mild to severe. Students with special needs are assigned to preschool/kindergarten classes or early childhood special education classes which provide lower pupil/teacher ratios and specially designed instruction to meet individual student needs.

Parents of 4 and 5 year old students may also choose to participate in the Preschool Early Intervention Program that is provided for 3 year olds as an option for services.

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Program Partners:

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Chateau Estates Elementary School

Estelle Elementary School

George Cox Elementary School

Green Park Elementary School

Greenlawn Terrace Elementary School

Harahan Elementary School

Harold Keller Elementary School

Hazel Park/Hilda Knoff School

J.C. Ellis Elementary School

J.J. Audubon Elementary School

Joshua Butler Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary School for the Arts

Marie B. Riviere Elementary School

McDonogh 26/Homedale Elementary School

Miller Wall Elementary School

Myrtle C. Thibodeaux Elementary School

Paul J. Solis Elementary School

Phoebe Hearst School

Rudolph Matas School

Terrytown Elementary School

Vic A. Pitre Elementary School

Walter Schneckenburger Elementary School

William Hart Elementary School

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