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October Professional Development

Training Date: Saturday, October 17, 2020
Time: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Location: Virtual Training
Registration deadline: Tuesday, October 13th at 5:00 pm

Conscious Discipline Training - Structuring for Safety and Predictability

Conscious Discipline is an evidence-based approach that provides teachers and administrators with methods to build strong communication with students and achieve behavioral goals in classrooms.  Each Master Instructor explains the four components of Conscious Discipline, deepening the participant's understanding of skill-building, unity, engagement, and practical strategies.  It equips teachers with tools to integrate social-emotional learning, discipline, and self-regulation.  Learn how to implement these strategies in your own classroom by participating in this workshop taught by teachers with expertise in the use of Conscious Discipline.

Frog Street Training - Pre K Advanced Strategies

Advanced Strategies to Optimize Frog Street’s Pre-K Curriculum builds upon established foundational skills and is designed to further enhance instructional knowledge and skills. This highly interactive session links literacy and math teaching activities to current research in ways that magnify outcomes for children. For example, do you know how critical the sequence for Morning Message is in developing phonological awareness and, ultimately, alphabet awareness? Did you know there are five recommendations from the What Works Clearinghouse: Teaching Math to Young Children that identify developmental progressions that improve children’s’ mathematical abilities?

Pre K CLASS Instructional Support Strategies Training

(recommend Introduction to PreK CLASS)

Build your knowledge of Instructional Support indicators and dimensions—and understand why they matter. Teachers who attend this training will: Build a lens to identify effective Instructional Support interactions, use CLASS language to describe effective Instructional Support interactions and explain why they are important to children’s development, watch real classroom videos illustrating effective interactions and apply this lens to their own teaching practices

TS GOLD Online Portfolios Training - Online Portfolios Part 2

(recommend TS GOLD Introduction - Part 1)

Teaching Strategies GOLD is an authentic, ongoing observational system for assessing children from birth through kindergarten, proven to be valid and reliable by extensive field testing. It helps teachers observe children in the context of everyday experiences, which is an effective way to get to know them well and find out what they know and can do. Teaching Strategies GOLD is based on 38 objectives that include predictors of school success and are aligned with state early learning standards. These objectives are the heart of the system—teachers use them to focus their observations as they gather information to make classroom decisions. Teaching Strategies GOLD online has many user-friendly features that help teachers increase the effectiveness of their assessments as they identify children’s developmental levels and describe children’s knowledge, skills, and behaviors.

Understanding Behavior with First Day Learning

This training focuses on what the child’s behavior is telling us. In this training, you will learn about classifying behavior by motivation, the fight-flight, or freeze response and strategies for short term solutions for hard moments.


Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis although we reserve the right to limit the number of participants from any one center. Teachers must register themselves using their own email address and personal phone number. This information is needed for communications to confirm registration and to communicate any changes to training logistics.

Virtual Training Requirements:

Participants will receive an email with handouts and the link for Zoom three days prior to each training session.It is recommended that you print all handouts prior to each session.

Participants must log in at least fifteen minutes prior to the start of the session to make sure audio, video and internet connection works. Be sure to name your device by using your first and last name only. Please make sure you give yourself enough time to troubleshoot.

Participants must log in on their own device using a computer, laptop, or tablet.

To minimize disruptions, we ask that you mute your microphone when you not speaking and/or sharing.

To avoid any disruptions, participants will not be admitted into the training session 15 minutes after the
start time.

Attendance Policy

You will be asked to sign in at the beginning of the session and sign out at the end of the session via the chat function. If you are fifteen or more minutes late, do not sign in and sign out using your full name, you will not receive credit.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend the training you must notify Lysa Nguyen via email as soon as possible. Failure to cancel at least three days prior to the session will mean you are blocked from future online training registration. To register, you will be required to call or email Lysa Nguyen directly.

If you have any questions in regards to training, please contact  or .