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Professional Development

Spanish Professional Development

Los maestros aprenderan estrategias basada en la investigacion para disenar espacios de clase de manera que promuevan comportamientos positivos y prosociales y prevengan comportamientos desafiantes.


Teachers will develop co-regulation skills to create calm in stressful times, and better understand the emotions of their children.

Introduction to Ignite by Hatch

Offer tips and techniques for the introduction and implementation of technology, whether the children are learning remotely, or learning in your classrooms, and will also share with you a multitude of resources that are available to you & the families your partner with.

Tiered CLASS Model of Professional Development

Teachers will learn the basics of the CLASS instrument, learn about effective teacher-child interactions and the ways these interactions help children learn.

Creative Curriculum® Teaching Strategies GOLD

Teaching Strategies GOLD online has many user-friendly features that help teachers increase the effectiveness of their assessments as they identify children’s developmental levels and describe children’s knowledge, skills, and behaviors.

Frog Street

Frog Street training provides teachers and administrators with information and hands-on experiences to gain knowledge of the curriculum and skills for classroom application, in support of increasing achievement of learning goals in classrooms.

Conscious Discipline

Conscious Discipline is an evidence-based approach that provides teachers and administrators with methods to build strong communication with students and achieve behavioral goals in classrooms.

Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS)

Tteachers learn the basics of the CLASS instrument, domains and dimensions. It is designed to help teachers learn about effective teacher-child interactions, as defined by the CLASS tool, and the ways these interactions help children learn.